Both my practice and my research focus on online engagement. With Knowledge in the Public Interest (KPI), I design and steward online work. I enjoy the collaboration with the whole KPI team as we evolve our thinking about engaging folks in online dialogue and communities and in supporting them in co-creating knowledge around a variety of educational issues.

As a doctoral student at Fielding Graduate Universitywith a specialization in Information Society and Knowledge Organizations (ISAKO), I study how technology is changing how we understand learning. I am particularly interested in post-cognitive learning theories and a great believer in emergent learning. My Master’s in Arts and Teaching is from the University of Maine and my B. A. in English is from Bates College. I have many, many years of experience in secondary and higher education and in the social services.

I am also known as Galileo’s grandmother. (Galileo is 10 years old and plans to go to MIT.)



  1. I am a bit uneasy about you. Your name is hidden and your identity is vague. Why should I try to read your blog? Who are you?

    • Probably no one you would be interested in reading about, but FYI, I connected with you through an early MOOC with George Siemens. My most recent blog: becomingbrynna.blog

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