Posted by: Brynna Kaulback | October 20, 2013

On Personal Attacks From Melissa Fong

I applaud the stance of Melissa Fong in her blog post below:

On personal attacks

*Note on commenters who make personal attacks:
I mean, it’s not the best way to get across that you didn’t like what I wrote. To be able to reply to you it would be best if you stayed on content. But if all you can muster is a personal attack on me then that’s fine- I just can’t develop a conversation from that. When I speak about these issues they sometimes can feel personal to some readers. I get that; I understand. However, know that more often than not I’m talking about structural problems or systemic issues.
If your concern is about my “expertise” and you do not think I should be speaking on this topic. Well, again- I can’t help you there. I see a lot of comments on blogs in general from people who are trying to disqualify the writer by pointing out potentially meaningless facts about their lifestyle choices. This is kind of weak. I think that no matter who you are, you can insert yourself in any conversation and dare to be political. That’s all it is, daring to be a little more engaged with an issue and a little more political. There should be space for that. One of the most important thinkers I know has no personal identification with Palestine, yet he became a really important voice and ally on Palestinian issues. I think that’s really cool of him. Anyhow, I take any comments- pretty much unmoderated too (’cause I’m lazy like that)- but this blog is intended to spark a conversation about a perspective that might not be offered on mainstream media- and, well, a conversation cannot begin through personal attacks.
Thanks for trying to engage though! It’s good to know people are passionate about things even if their opinion may differ.



  1. glad you liked it 🙂

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