Posted by: Brynna Kaulback | September 25, 2013

My Daughter, In Nairobi

From my facebook post

“What do you think?” my daughter asks me from Nairobi, near where the attack on the mall has killed over 60 people and injured over 100. She is asking me if she is wrong to continue on her journey to mobilize people in the interest of sustainable agriculture and making the world a better place. She isn’t really thinking about coming home. She is asking me how I am handling this as someone who loves her.

I want to say, “Of course come home. Come home and stay in my house and let me take care of you and never leave.” But I don’t really want that. The world is an unsafe place. I ask her how it is there and she reminds me what it was like when we came home to New York City on 9/11. She reminds me that things like this happen in Washington, D. C. last week and in so many other cities in our own country.

She tells me she wishes she had someone there to share all this with her. She has met and liked so many people in this far away place, and they have been kind to her, but she travels through it all on her own. I don’t really want to tell her to come home. I want to tell her how brave and strong I think she is and how proud I am of her. She tells me her hope that if she can help people to farm better, help them to have better lives, then maybe there won’t be so much need for this kind of violence.

We can’t keep our children safe, I think, but we can hope that they will live in the unsafe world and do their best to make it safer and savor the moments in between. That is a better answer than coming home and running from the world. Travel well, dear heart, and enjoy the elephants on your safari on your time off this weekend.



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